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Word of mouth, straight from the horses…

Here’s some community feedback from folks who have received support and inspiration from Go Ask Ella:


Amber Buck, 29, shares why Ella’s awesome to work with
and no, we didn’t pay her to say so!

At the Reveal Your RAYdiance experience, Ella made her debut speaking and connecting with ladies in a public forum. Watch below as Female Leadership Expert, Tracey Trottenberg shares what Ella creates for the women she works with…

Also, one of the lovely attendees, Lauren, shares why she, too, thinks you should Go Ask Ella and shares her “a-ha”…




Wanna hear more?
A few more guys and gals wanted to share why Ella rocked their socks…


I first met Ella in the beginning of my studies at UC Santa Cruz while struggling with relationship issues which I had never experienced before. Ella was able to get me out of my sexual shell, become more comfortable and confident with my sexual being, and learn to communicate in a way no one had ever done before.

We talked about the day to day, relationships, and the past. She made me see links between who I was before, who I was currently, and who I was striving to become.

She also taught me simple things which, I think, all girls should learn but no one is ever willing to teach; i.e. sexually pleasing a man and yourself.

With these tools under my belt, I became more aware of the value of communication, sexual pleasure, and the confidence within oneself. This “therapy” was provided in an environment completely free of judgment. Ella was more than my friend. She was like a sister to me; a confidant. I still, to this day, love and respect her and value her advice and wisdom.
Gwen, 28, San Francisco



“I met Ella through a mutual friend and it was almost instant that we shared a connection that was much stronger than I had anticipated or experienced before when meeting someone new. I believe many people share this connection with Ella and that is why she is so easy to talk to. We started weekly walk sessions together and during this time i shared with her some of the most secret information that i was dealing with in my life as if I had known her for years. Ella not only helped me reach personal goals in my life by supporting me with kindness and care, but also helped me to open channels in my thinking that were completely blocked off. After working with Ella, I am more open to receive new ideas and healing methods and know i can always be guided by her to find the right wording to really express what i want in any realm of life. I would of course hope that others have the pleasure of working with Ella because she has so much to offer on many levels from self healing to self management in your work place. The light she shines has endless positive outcomes I still experience to this day… Thank you Ella.”
Sara, 28, Santa Monica



I reached out to Ella after nearly losing one of my best friends who I also worked with. Perhaps it was due to my faith in her intuition about interpersonal conflicts, or how attuned she was to me and how well she seemed to know me after only a week of working with her, but she was able to open up my thoughts about what I was in relationship to my friend — in a way I had up until that point not seen or considered.

She knew things she couldn’t have known, but that she sensed on a greater, more emotional/spiritual level. Though it was difficult, my relationship with my friend gradually improved, but it was due in equal part’s to Ella’s ability to make me see my friend better and also myself.

I would recommend that anyone who needs to get out of their own head to solve something about their life to talk to Ella — her strength comes from an almost supernatural ability to get inside someone’s skin and see them better than sometimes we see ourselves.

Jason, 30, Los Angeles



“Before starting this amazing self exploration with Miss Lauser, I was often confronted by tidal waves of emotion and negativity. My days were plagued by feelings of inadequacy and I would often look to the future and wistfully think that someday things would be “better”, someday I would be perfect and reach all my goals in some movie-esque song swelling moment.

Since working with Ella, I have discovered the importance of being present in every moment and that each day is all we have and all we should worry about. I feel lighter and more conscious than I ever have before and all the energy of ME and my presence are connected.

I’ve learned to stop berating and judging myself and in effect I have learned to stop judging others.  It is all one collective experience and I am now able to take a breath, close my eyes, and buoy myself in the now.”

Dawn B., 29, Chicago



Ella is the gut instinct I never had. I recently reached out to her, because I was about to embark on one of the craziest life changing adventures of my life. While I had other ideas of the purpose of my trip, Ella advised me to do it for myself sans expectations and go for myself.

I went five thousand miles across the country still holding onto these expectations deep in the back of my heart, but telling myself otherwise. I realized after 5 hours upon arrival that my adventure had other things in store for me.

At first, I was a bit disappointed and heartbroken, but then I remembered the wise words of Ella and I spent 2 weeks focusing on myself while I was trekking through mountains, visiting temples, and wandering through deserts and I have finally, after 2 years of running away, decided to visit my family and face everything. While it has been difficult at first, Ella has reached out and helped bring me back to my family (even if she didn’t know that she was doing this).

She is the fresh set of eyeballs I have always needed for the random spontaneous shenanigans I get myself into. I highly recommend consulting with Ella for all the random that comes into your life.

I love her dearly for this. Thanks for the wake up call.

Jenny, 23, Berlin