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When the moon roars and Jupiter aligns with… everything

Happy Full Moon luscious ones!

“The Moon Woman” by Jackson Pollock

I hope you’re enjoying the firey Leo presence in your heart and howling at the moon.

Give your prayers to flames and stars tonight, Jupiter goes direct tomorrow (January 27, 2013).

What does that mean?

My fave little go-to-astrology source expresses exactly that (Cafe Astrology even gets specific to your astrological relationship to the transit).

Here’s the download but go to the site and to learn more :-)

What Jupiter’s transit through Gemini means to you…

Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11th, 2012, and stays in this mutable air sign until June 25th, 2013. See how this transit affects each zodiac sign below.

Jupiter’s effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. In Sagittarius, Jupiter urged us to increase our cultural and spiritual awareness, to expand our higher minds, to broaden our experiences, and to have faith in the universe. In Capricorn, Jupiter urged us to define goals, seek out tangible results, act ethically and maturely, and to take a disciplined and step-by-step approach to realizing our goals. In Aquarius, Jupiter urged us to think and act in terms of social reform and to value humanitarian action, to think progressively and to value freedom, individuality, group goals and visions. In Pisces, Jupiter urged us to give of ourselves, and to embrace compassion and imagination. In Aries, Jupiter urged us to make our own opportunities, to believe in ourselves, and to take charge of our lives. In Taurus, Jupiter urged us to enjoy and appreciate what we already have, and to adopt a patient approach to achieving our goals.

Gemini is an Air sign. With an Air sign Jupiter, we are mentally adventurous, ready and willing to learn, into “mind expansion”, and less attached to our values than others because we are generally quite impartial and open-minded. We are able to see many sides to an argument. More specifically with Jupiter in Gemini, we attract the most good fortune when we use our wit and ingeniousness, are versatile, sociable, curious, and put others at ease with friendliness and sincere curiosity.

During this Jupiter in Gemini cycle, we place strong emphasis and value on the intellect. We see opportunities to grow and succeed through intellectual, verbal, and written channels. We are more inclined to believe that intelligence and knowledge are the major keys to solving problems. Communication and contact are valued.

Jupiter’s zeal can supersede moderation at times. It can expand the more negative qualities of a sign, just as it can expand the positive traits. Its zeal and enthusiasm is well-intentioned, but it can blind us to our immoderate behavior. In Gemini, negative manifestations include lack of follow through, too many ideas without a plan to set them into motion, gossip, too much information, fickleness, and indecision.

However, the “higher” vibration of Jupiter looks for perspective. Jupiter’s “perspective” isn’t a detached, analytical, or detailed look at any given situation, but an overview–a look at the “big picture”. With Jupiter, ideally, we are able to rise above pettiness, mundane concerns, inconveniences, and the like. Where Jupiter is currently transiting in your own chart is generally where you are inclined to find your “joy” at this stage in your development.

Jupiter spends just over a year in Gemini. The last time Jupiter transited Gemini was from June 2000 to July 2001.