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Quote of the Month

Yesterday, my Bhakti Yoga teacher shared this quote from His Holiness as we left our Sunday practice.

Instead of beginning the week with lists of how much you can accomplish and looking at your bank account balance, I say read this quote first.  We need lovers, peacemakers, storytellers  right now BIG TIME.

We especially need hearts that aren’t afraid to look at what they fear or where they’ve been out of integrity.  Tell your story to someone today, one you’re continuing to learn from and when in doubt, seek truth and be free to love yourself (and the world around you that so desperately needs it).

TED Talking

I’m not one for keeping quiet and staying mum on incredible things but I was so beyond humbled to speak at a TED conference that I didn’t even post about it (until now).

Ridiculous?  Maybe.

Have you ever had a dream that came true, so fast that you thought maybe it was an accident or you ducked your head in the sand or peed your pants?  I thought I’d have published ten books and then maybe, MAYBE, attend a TED conference let alone SPEAK at one so when my birthday came around this year and I asked to live my life with joy on purpose I didn’t expect the gift that came two days after blowing out my 30 candles.

Yup, me, your Ella, will be offering her perspective on “Visions for Transition: Challenging existing paradigms and redefining values (for a more beautiful world)” and will be boarding a plane to do so in a week’s time.

You never know you who you’re going to inspire and you never know what doors will open from you being you, doing what you love.

Thank you ALL for being a part of this journey.

A gift my mother imparted on me this year was the choice between two images of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to sit on my altar.  One was of him quietly smiling with peace, the other with him laughing while speaking into a microphone and clasping his hands in joyful prayer.  My first instinct was the quiet, non-mic check photo.  I’ve been feeling more and more quiet these days, especially since my journey to Mother India (yes, I know, I’ve not shared about it with hardly anyone but you’re on my list, promise!).

However I chose and choose the image that reflected my birthday wish for this year.  I choose to embrace the gift I asked for- to speak, to share, to express myself and be in service to healing of hearts worldwide.

I feel like he’s winking at me through his glasses even now.  “The World will be saved by a Western Woman”, so His Holiness said at a peace summit three years ago when I began my journey as a doula to you.  Perhaps I’m not THE Wonder Woman to save the world but I’m happy to be a pink, sparkly brick in the foundation of its healing.


In humble and joyful service,


P.S.  As I stand on the precipice of realizing a dream, I ask for your well-wishings, love and support as I take the stage January 12th in London. TEDxWhiteChapel is on Facebook if you want up-to-the-minute news (for instance, I just learned that tickets ARE SOLD OUT, woweeee, gulp). So click like and follow and blow kisses my way if you feel so inclined.