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Whatta Man- how to be a mighty mighty good man?

What defines a WOMAN?

What defines a MAN?

We have some sword wielding to do to receive and give as queens and kings again.

What kind of men and women do we want to be?

The meaning we make of this and how we walk the walk along with the talk will make all the difference.

Positive News is a fab UK publication and their Jamie Catto had some fine points to make about the masculine in his recent article “Leading the Men Back to the Women.”

Here’s a little taste of what he had to say…

There’s a scent of reunion in the air. The women want their men back, and I have a foolish and lyrical notion that we can be the Pied Pipers, leading the men back to the women. Our task as men is to re-awaken each other’s maleness and leadership again, but this time expressed through our compassion and service, not our control and dominion.

Over the last 100 or more years, women have understandably lost their trust in men in general. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Fragile-ego’d, self-seeking, solely cock-driven, permanently adolescent men have abused the planet on every level. The air, water, and soil are polluted, the animals violently killed, the children uneducated and the old people uncared for.

And it may sound radical to say this, but there has emerged a masculine edge in women, which has crept in during the past half a century. It is an edge that has, I believe, been born of a lack of trust in the males to deliver leadership and protection through service and wisdom. Women have been over-masculinising like mad to compensate for the essence of true maleness that’s so badly lacking in at least the last two generations of men, who have been addicted to profit and status.

“Women have been over-masculinising like mad to compensate for the essence of true maleness that’s so badly lacking in at least the last two generations of men.”

Is it any wonder women have lost trust in men’s expression of their core male values?

Click here to read the whole piece.

There is nothing sexier than a man taking the lead from a place of wanting to honor his woman, in fact I’ll go as far as to say anyone who wants to be in their feminine (whatever their gender or sexual orientation) will melt at the opportunity to be held and not having to take the reigns.  Sighs of relief and ecstasy will be heard ’round the world, people.

Let me bring ya back to the subject… leading men aren’t just Oscar winners.  ;-)

Whatta Man, whatta man, whatta man- what does a man mean to you?


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  1. Very insightful, Ella.
    I have seen some women in my life embody the masculine qualities. And I feel them seeking that comfort.. to melt. And in these particular women that I am thinking of, I also have sensed a lot of mistrust in men.
    But it is mostly through these women that I have been pushed to grow and hear my calling. To realize and utilize my strength, love and compassion.

    • Thanks Giorg, and thank you for doing the work despite how uncomfortable or uncelebrated/misunderstood you’ve been. Mistrust of the masculine has much to with mistrust of the feminine. I, too, have misjudged men because of a lack in trust in my instincts/intuition after being hurt by both makes and females.

      A friend of mine recently said, it’s not men, it’s women that can’t be trusted. It’s the other woman’s fault and not, say, a cheating man’s fault because it’s his nature. We’ve pitted against one another and pointed fingers instead of looking within where we are out of balance and where didn’t trust ourselves.

      Without role models it’s hard to know what being a “good” anything looks like so it’s time for us to create new examples worth honoring. Much love to you!

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