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Who You Are

Leaving the real you on the shelf… is never a good idea.

I woke up this morning after a strange sequence of dreams and was a bit groggy. My friend sent me an email to cheer me up, in it was the song “Who You Are” by Jessie J.

Now I don’t know how many of you are singers, I’m certainly one in my car and in front of my nearest & dearest but it takes quite a bit of gumption to show up and share your gift- you know, share your voice in public.  It actually takes a lot of heart, soul and balls to share who you are- and that’s the truth whether it’s in song or at work when your boss is taking his bad marriage out on you, speaking up when your food is served cold (and it should be hot), when your mother-in-law tells you how to raise your kids, when you’ve caught your friend in a lie.

Your voice is your gift, your expression- how you say things, what you say, the tone, the quality- is uniquely you. I love how upfront and fearless this girl is in her impromptu songbird session on the subway. I find it ridiculously inspiring.

Watch below:

Even if you think it’s stupid, say something (at least to yourself).  Sing it, dance it, write it, punch your pillow with it. The more you practice, the clearer your communication will become and you’ll begin to know what part of you is speaking.

I’ve found that there are days we seek out a “battle” to engage in (grrrr, a fast joy ride on the highway at 3am anyone?) and sometimes we scurry away from conflict as fast as Speedy Gonzalez, we’ve all experienced a bit of both here I’m sure.  Point is, getting physical is good way to clear your head as is hearing that something doesn’t feel right to you, listening to that piece inside and evaluating the charge.  Have you felt that way before?  What does it remind you of?  Where/when have you done the same thing that’s pissing you off?

Our judgments about others are the places we’ve judged ourselves and the emotional charge that continues to spitter, sputter and stutter within tears loose when it recognizes itself.  See it, name it, own it and be okay with who you are (all of who you are).  There’s nothing to fight really- just your own battle to love.

If someone or something is getting under your skin and you care about the relationship, or returning to that restaurant again (ha! :-) )… I’d suggest assessing the facts, see past your irritation and speak to serve the highest good of all (with an extra side of compassion). Most likely, the chef in the back of the restaurant isn’t under the impression you’re not worthy of a good meal- so careful how you interpret situations.

Wipe the lenses you’re viewing the world with.  It’s all just a reflection.



P.S. You’re looking good mirror, mirror on the wall!


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