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Getting All Up in My Cocoon… be back soon!

Hello world,

I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb that hasn’t dropped nor fallen off the face of the Earth (technically). I’m just nourishing my senses in a fab red frock, taking a rest in an elaborate tent with a unicorn, a handmaiden and a chest full of priceless baubles.   ;-)

The Lady and the Unicorn, c. 1511 (© Copyright 2010 Roy Tennant, FreeLargePhotos.com)

Middle Ages fantasies aside, the ending of 2010 has inspired me to get quiet, internal and be a bit of a cocooner (thank you stars and planetary shifts).    I feel super sensitive, on the brink of new, fairly vulnerable and very raw. For the first time in a long time, I’m choosing to walk the talk of self-love and self-care FULL ON.  Redefining my relationships and most importantly the one with myself, is the best gift I can give to me, myself, I, you, us, all.  Like the lady of the Lady & The Unicorn in her final tapestry tale, I am placing what’s most sacred in safe keeping until the right moment.

Get your meditation on, write down your dreams (the ones you have while sleeping as well as the goals you envision while awake), honor your body, be kind with your words and create the story you most want to live (you’re the only one who can live it).

À Mon Seul Désir: Love desires only beauty of soul.

With butterfly kisses,


P.S. Sidenote- apparently in Colorado (where I’m lying dormant this winter), Tent caterpillars (Malacosoma species) do not build cocoons. They construct silk tents instead. So trust that I’m in my own little happy tent of contentment and will emerge soon.


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