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Birth Doula at Your Service

This past Sunday/Monday was a miracle to behold, I took part in supporting and welcoming the birth of a little baby girl as a doula.

I have such gratitude for my doula community, particularly my educators/mentors Ana Paula Markel, Naoli Vinaver, Sufi Ertur, Ida Reid and lastly Tracy Hartley who took a chance on me to assist her at a birth.

Meeting moments of fear with grace and brushing aside that which did not serve (in thought or in action), was a BEYOND powerful lesson in the face of life itself.

Biggest a-ha moments:

  • When you make a plan, be prepared to let go of how you think things should go, knowing (aka trusting) you’ll arrive at your destination
  • Unquestioned, unconditional support isn’t just something people should have but deserve and very well need
  • When in doubt- sing, breathe and rock back n’ forth
  • Always carry a toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Know when silence is the best gift you can offer
  • Kindness is the best medicine for EVERYONE especially the people that rub you the wrong way
  • Consider what the intention is behind your words before speaking them

Being in service, an emotional support person, a holder of space and flow is what so many of us do (you’re doulas without even realizing it).  It’s no wonder we need a little extra T.L.C. during the moments we birth (and all things are ultimately such- think about every major change/shift in your life- it was a birth).

As I take on new families, honoring them through their pregnancy and labor- I’m also here for you (to be your own birth of life doula).  So bring it on, I’m back in the saddle and with new sparkly spurs.

FYI send in your questions of the week, I’ll be selecting one and posting my response June 20th.

Also be on the look-out for the new tabs on the website, I think you’ll like what you find…

Yee haw!

Love ya,


P.S. Stay tuned for some more exciting stuff that’s happening!  Hint hint: new blog posts, new articles, new classes, and ooooh a RETREAT in Santa Barbara, Ca.


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