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How To Transform The Whiney B%$#@

Moving away from being a whiner (or as I kindly refer to myself: whiney martyr bitch) is actually far easier to do than you might imagine.

Just change this statement:

_________ is doing this TO me


________ is doing this FOR me.

Because it’s true, we create our experiences to learn, grow and ultimately, love.

Progress can be harmless people, really it can and it all begins with taking responsibility for our lives.
If love is all around us and all there is, then it’s our ultimate purpose to sniff it out like proper little bloodhounds.

Feel what you feel, especially anger (don’t ever stuff it) and remember that it’s an opportunity for you to see that it’s the way the world loves you. Sometimes shit just gets lost in translation.

I was ridiculously inspired by my brother from another mother, Justin Polgar and his video post this week on Anger.

He’s the self-professed YES-ologist and I second his yessing. Watch this, warning: you will love him even if you didn’t plan on it.

I listened in my car while driving in LA traffic and rawr-ed along with him in this video, everything quickly turned into laughter and I felt a bajillion times better. Treat yourself to him and if you can, his chocolate (no I’m making an innuendo but it is dirty). :-)


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