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Not sure if you heard…

Ella, the elephant?

Yup, it’s kind of a new nickname now that I’m all up on elephantjournal.com, yay! ej as I like to call them are particularly awesome, their mission should you choose to high five it: “dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society.”

One of the better articles (I think I’ve ever written) is currently up and listed as “most popular”.

The role of women is being defined by you, seriously, right now.

Take a peek by clicking here, leave a comment, like it, share it and most definitely gab about it with the womens of your life (yes, I wrote womens on purpose).  Here it is if you want to copy, paste and email it:   http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/11/the-rites-of-womanhood–ella-lauser/

And just moments ago, I posted about one of my favorite treats in the world, teabagging (no, not that kind).  It’s a fun article with a little insight on getting into good health habits and how a woman named Pindy changed my life. Click here to read all about it!


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