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Gone Coconuts!

So where have I been?

Helping babies be born, supporting mommas in knowing that they do know what’s best, staying up all hours of the night supporting the miracle of life, and… going friggin’ coconuts for Harmless Harvest.

As a yogi, a yummy but good-for-you junkie and a care bear for overall well-being, I’ve simply fallen in love with this brand of coconut water. It’s the first 100% Raw Organic ready to drink coconut water out there and after being a die-hard coconut water drinker for years, I can honestly say that this one is the real deal and it knocks every other option off the shelves (and frankly, into the garbage).

So, as a doula, my heart is centered around birthing goodness into the world and I felt really strongly that I needed to be involved with Harmless Harvest. They are an impeccable group that cares from start to finish how coconut water is being experienced the world over. Get involved, go grab some deliciousness and share the love by liking the heck out of them on facebook: Harmless SoCal !

Check out what SF’s Planet Check had to say this week about Harmless Harvest:

“They source their unique coconuts from small, organic agroforestry farms, then use a cutting-edge, heatless, high-pressure process for food safety and extended shelf life in your fridge. Those other coconut waters that sit on the shelf have been heated which in turn, kills the flavor and nutrients.

Coconut water has so many health benefits: potassium, electrolytes, magnesium. It’s excellent for hydration and helps settle your stomach. This is the closest you can get to tasting a fresh coconut from the tree. It’s twice as nutritious, uber flavorful and best of all, it’s organic. Look for them at Whole Foods.”


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  1. Jackie Guest says:

    Boy I am really thirsty now! Can’t to get home and have myself a glass full. And my dear, you are an amazing articulate writer. YOu never cease to amaze me!!

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