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Honour The Heart

Happy Heart Day to you!

TEDx offered a beautiful valentine’s honoring this morning and I give it to you humbly and so joyfully.


TEDx Gratitude

The day I was born, my grandfather went home from work to shower, shave and put on a suit.  My grandparents, who happened to meet not too far from White Chapel in London, always knew how to dress (and dress well they did).


So when the big day came for me to speak to the world alongside some incredible visionaries at last week’s TEDxWhiteChapel, I meditated, chanted and donned the most beautiful and perfectly tailored dress I’ve ever touched.

I’m sure my Poppa Gene would’ve said something to the effect of “Knock ‘em dead, kid and look sharp.”


Thanks to Pamela Barish and Katharine Deeb’s styling brilliance, I most certainly did.


Styled by Katharine Deeb, dress by Pamela Barish


Thank you to everyone, every single person whom I’ve encountered in this beautiful life, without you I wouldn’t have felt inspired to speak from my heart and share a simple message: to ask questions, even when it gets uncomfortable.

We often won’t find our way to the right answer by thinking our way into it but by feeling it.

As soon as the footage from the day becomes available I’ll be posting here for you all to enjoy…


A special thank you to Gemini and Guy Holmes for being dear friends and graciously taking care of me across the pond, to Ariana Hall for her unmatched ability to hold presence and coach me into feeling more clear in my communication, to my family, friends and the women in my circles who all lit candles to help me shine brighter and to Stefana Bosse for inviting me to share my voice on a world stage.