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Here you will find posts that serve as food for thought as well as reflections, inspirational quotes, songs, photos, stories and things worth talking about and better yet, celebrating them.

The things we don’t talk about but should are really important conversations to be in and that’s what Go Ask Ella is committing to.
Being in these kinds of conversations dust off old ways of thinking that no longer serve us and allows new possibilities to bloom.


She in Bloom

Go Ask Ella isn’t exactly an advice “Dear-Abby-ala-Ella-Lauser” situation.  It never felt right to pretend to know what you or anyone should do; telling you what’s right for you isn’t my interest. My intention here is simply to open up a much needed conversation that we are sometimes uncomfortable having.

The reason I chose the name Go Ask Ella was one part loving Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit and the call to “Go Ask Alice”, another part adoring the exploration of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and the possibility of going beyond “the looking glass”, also part having always wanted an older sister/mentor who had cool things to look at or learn about, and one part “ella”. “Ella” meaning she.

The translation of ella has always been to me, “the feminine”, for in many languages around the world, the sound ella translates:

She / Her/ Goddess
All/ Completely

See Ella speak at the groundbreaking TEDxWhiteChapel in early 2013, alongside Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake and Polly Higgins where she offered her story of asking uncomfortable questions and ultimately, honouring the heart:


Watch her first Go Ask Ella public appearance at The Ray Women’s Event, Reveal Your Radiance in 2010 below: