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Here you will find posts that serve as food for thought as well as reflections, inspirational quotes, songs, photos, stories and things worth talking about and better yet, celebrating them.

Being in these kinds of conversations dust off old ways of thinking that no longer serve us and allows new possibilities to bloom.


She in Bloom


This site isn’t just named after the author. The translation of ella, “the feminine”, in many languages around the world translates as:

She / Her/ Goddess
All/ Completely

 Who better to ask then that aspect within all of us?

See Ella speak at the groundbreaking TEDxWhiteChapel in early 2013, alongside Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake and Polly Higgins where she offered her story of asking uncomfortable questions and ultimately, honouring the heart:


Watch her first Go Ask Ella public appearance at The Ray Women’s Event, Reveal Your Radiance in 2010 below: